adrift is mr. daylight's attempt to represent the heavy post millennium tensions that invade everyday life on earth in the early 21st century with music...trip hop soul from chicago at it's finest

released: march 12, 2016


fresh dope soulful electronic hip hop music

released: february 28, 2016

existential crisis

existential crisis is the ideal downtempo trip-hop soundtrack for erasing creative roadblocks & releasing inner genius featuring songs titled for self reflection in an era dominated by frivolousness & narcissism

released: july 7, 2014

psilocybin & cynicism

released: september 11, 2013


released: april 20, 2013

lava music

released: december 27, 2013

the madness

released: september 11, 2012


exile is a sonic chronicle of the world at the dawn of the 21st century. the density & dirtiness of the music reflects the volatile times. the thoughtful listener is encouraged to see titles of the songs as abstract social commentary

released: may 20, 2012


released: december 8, 2010

mr. daylight is a lover & fighter that creates sexy electronic hip hop soundscapes, intricate abstract visual art, & much more